Shingle Roofing

The Shingle Roof is the most common style on homes and for good reasons. From the most economical

Three Tab,  to the most popular and natural looking Standard Architectural Style, to even the durable hail resistant Class 4 Architectural Style.. Each style has it’s advantages.

three-tabThree Tab Style Shingle Roofing

This style can help you keep the rain off at an affordable price. This is also referred to as 20 year shingles. (20 year manufacturers warranty, free from defects, not including hail damage, most insurance covers hail)


  • Economical


  • Less wind resistant then the Architectural Style and Metal Style
  • Shows roof decking joints more than Architectural
  • Thinner
  • Less quality look
  • More hail prone than metal roofing


Standard Architectural Style Shingle Roofing

This style is our most popular style shingle roof and for good reasons, it’s very natural looking.

This is also referred to as 30 year shingles (30 year manufacturers warranty free from defects, not from hail damage)


  • Natural look of wood shake
  • Hides more roof decking imperfections
  • Overall quality appearance
  • More wind resistant than 3 Tab Style because it’s thicker and has  overlapping laminated features
  • Less cost than metal by 30-60%
  • Easier to maintain under trees


  • Greater potential for hail than metal
  • Cost more than 3 Tab
  • No insurance discount compared to Hail Resistant Architectural Model Shingles or Steel Roofing

hail-resistantPremium Architectural- Hail Resistant Class 4 Shingle Roofing

If your desiring a roof that has less potential for hail  and yet you don’t want a metal roof, Class 4 Shingles are for you!

They have the same look as the Premium Style Architectural but they have a rubber-like substance the resist hail.


  • Hail Resistant
  • Class 4 insurance company discounts to homeowners
  • Get shingle look without having to go with metal


  • Cost more than Standard Architectural
  • May cost as much as metal

IMG_5878Premium Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is by far the best investment for your home with so many advantages. You wouldn’t be disappointed.


  • Much more wind resistant than shingles
  • Our model has the Class 4 Hail Resistance Warranty with most insurance companies (homeowners must verify)
  • Most insurance companies give home owners insurance discounts up to 26% a year.  After installation, homeowner needs to notify ins co to fax discount form to roofer to fill out. Roofer will fill out and fax back to ins co so homeowner can receive discounts on homeowners insurance.
  • IMG_5882Available in Standard 9 inch exposed fastener/screw style or Premium Standing Seam Style (mostly hidden fastener/screw)
  • Increases home value in most cases
  • Because we also have a siding division at, we are metal specialist. We can give you a metal roof that has much higher quality craftsmanship-WE ARE METAL CRAFTSMAN NOT JUST ROOFERS !!!


  • Cost more but with less roofing hassles, it’s worth the investment
  • May not be appropriate style in some neighborhood styles
  • May not be to code in some neighborhoods (check city codes in your neighborhood)
  • Harder to change colors

Some buyers may not like colors but love hail resistant advantages

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